211188_120287778055782_3618767_nOur History

The Collegian was founded in 1988 as the first and only creative publication outlet specifically for Washington College students.  At the time, it was published simply as a monthly insert in The Elm.  As it grew in popularity and scope, The Collegian broke away from The Elm to form it’s own creative newspaper and today has become Washington College’s Student Literary and Arts Magazine.

Our Mission

To provide our authors, poets, and artists with a magazine in which to present their work, to educate our staff and contributing artists on real-world publishing processes, to inspire and entertain our audience, and, above all, to foster a love of writing among Washington College students.

Our Process

We are committed to working with student writers, both staff and guest, to polish and revise their work as it is prepared for publication.  Our editors provide strong feedback, both complimentary and critical, to our authors to ensure high quality of submissions and publication.

 Old Collegians

Issues of The Collegian before it took on its magazine format.