Washington College's Student Literary and Arts Journal


By: Olabisi Alabi ’16

She steps out of the station

Squinting her eyes, rough lines on her forehead, eyebrows touching.

The sun fixated her fascination

On the top half of her face, clutching,

Her legs were going back and forth.

The cement is steady.

Her heart is quickly beating ,

Waiting for him. For the first time

Her eyes spot a man she recognizes.

She wants to tell him of her crime,

But all she does is stare and gaze.

She melts into his arms as he envelops her.

She is now safe in the comfort of her pillow.

In reality, it is him she truly prefers;

No other person.

They sit on a rock, staring into the sky,

Lost in each other’s thoughts, searching for the pieces

So they won’t have to say goodbye.

Time is running away from them.

Exhausted from the race,

They hold on to each other for support.

His soft lips brush against hers,

A cold shiver rushes down her spine.

She continues to hold on as their souls intertwine.

He tastes just like jolly ranchers,

Bursting with different flavors.

She’s falling deep.

Reality becomes an imposter and

They are forced to stop, wanting more.

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