Washington College's Student Literary and Arts Journal

Issue: October 2013

East-North Love

East-North Love

    In all of my work, I am driven by the world around me, and the colors that I choose come from things I see on a daily basis. The inspiration for this painting came from a story I recently wrote involving the connection between […]



  Top: “Moving Through Barriers” by Emily Klein Bottom: “Kicker Rock” by Sarah Masker

Comic by Anna Baldwin

anna baldwin 2 Comic by Anna Baldwin

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

When we think adventure, we think pirate ships, sinister jungles, or foreign cities. We think, quite simply, of going new places and seeing remarkable things. But an adventure doesn’t have to mean a glamor­ous journey. Disappearing into the world of a novel or appreciating the […]

Staying in the Best Western Alone

The check-in guy looked at me all creepy. The lock fell off my door and the air conditioner broke in the gym. I didn’t run more than 20 minutes because it was getting dark and this hotel is under a bridge. Homeless people live under […]

Dumpsters and Paperclips (Based on a true story)

When great stories to tell my future brats come to mind, first and foremost is the time I found the purple guitar-shaped paperclip inside the Staples dumpster that the homeless guy sleeps behind in Berwyn Heights, Maryland.

One fine day, my friend and I were perusing the dumpster’s contents for office supplies and I found a solitary purple guitar-shaped paperclip. Then for a while, I carried it around with me telling its origin story to everyone I met.

I managed to earn quite a reputation as the office supplies enthusiast and dumpster expert. But then, alas, I lost my paper clip, and with it, my credibility and reputation.

A wise hot hippie once said: “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone?” But I knew what I had. It was a guitar-shaped paper clip and it was purple. And it was cool.

So now every weekend, I visit the same dumpster, hoping to find some more purple guitar-shaped paperclips. But all I find is the same sleeping homeless guy. And now I’m starting to think that it’s been a corpse all along.


You are majestic, king of kings, with a glorious golden halo spray-painted over your lips, and red holes in your soles, in between your toes, so your palms stay clean until you cleanse them of it all. Imagine your blood, your flesh, pasted onto every […]

I Always See Deer

I Always See Deer

What am I doing? I look like an idiot in my fresh running gear and clean shoes. My running pants are too tight and my jacket looks too fashionable. My hat and gloves feel amateur and I know I shouldn’t run to music, but let […]

The Canvas

When you sit there,
pen at the ready,
it’s not just a blank sheet of paper staring you in the face.
It’s so much more than that.
It’s an unsung lyrical masterpiece.
It’s an untold plot about to unfold.
It’s a stage being prepped for the performance.
It’s an untraveled road awaiting exploration.
It’s a chemical in the dark room daring to develop.
It’s a freshly broken heart bleeding out one final beat.
The canvas is anything you desire it to be;
all you have to do
is write.

Daycare in Heaven

Luna does not want to go to the moon today. She wants to go to New York. So we jump onto the purple dinosaur in the small playground, hooded by great trees. This dinosaur can fly. We make it there quickly, eat some pizza, climb […]