Washington College's Student Literary and Arts Journal

Issue: Growth (March 2015)


The man forced Álvaro against the blacktop and shot him. To Álvaro’s bloody hand, the last inch of yellow-painted asphalt felt like God’s skin, plastic under the rosary. Beyond road, desert. A kind of burning love filled him. Prayers blocked the low sun from his […]

The Hyacinth Gardener

In Chestertown, I was a murderer, killing the lovers of all my lovers; I borrowed shovels and lye from the farmers, made fertile the earth, chastened the dirt; I planted chrysanthemums and lungs and ladyfingers and painted tongues and delphiniums (which are normally blue but […]



Little Lies

In Storms Near the end of 19th century, when the child was chubby-cheeked with wild curls and a sensitive red nose, Maryanne cried during storms. One particularly stormy night, she wailed in Mother’s lap and screamed when thunder cracked in the sky. Mother hushed her […]

Musty Morning Blues

Gray film filters through faded curtains into an every-day confession booth. The overpowering steam around these hard walls resembles the dark and misty morning beyond the tile barriers. The light unravels me, like a haircut, or a scab, or a change of address. The clouded […]

Requiem of Renewal

Requiem Renewal

I Tried To Eat the Ashes

I can’t hang you from my ribcage, can’t let you swing about. I am sorry about that. I tried, but there was too much there, too much organ, too much lung, prittle prattle tongue. There was too much air, too much bird, feather and tar, […]

Answered Prayers

it’s still raining and the air creaks with sighs and groans, questioning how long it will take for this ungodly storm to end. forty hours past and still the air bends like noah’s ark without the flood; arch my back, but this time my arms […]



And Then the Attic

Chloe brought two things to her mother’s house: coffee-stained breath and a ferocious impulse to swing on the railing at the top of the stairs. Whenever Chloe returned to her mother’s house, the place where she grew up, she had the urge to slap doorway […]