Washington College's Student Literary and Arts Journal

Issue: Reasons Not to Attend the Family Gathering


They gathered first in the colic of her morning To hear the gasped breaths of her forced life giving, Yawping like some heaving epitaph. Since then the gifts returned in yearly mourning— A dark tradition reminding her of the Sick, metal room that first received […]

Hanky Panky

It’s the night before my family’s biannual Big Gay Family Weekend, and I am admittedly looking for amusing anecdotes to share with the aunts and uncles and what have you. They only just started talking to me like a real person last year, and I […]


RIGHTER afghans

Twenty-first Century Wergild

I rubbed the constricting chill from my limbs as Simon checked us in at Vincent’s Italian Restaurant. It was warm and cramped inside, but I only rubbed my sleeves more vigorously. Noticing my irritation, Simon said, “I’m sure he won’t bring her.” I scowled at […]


My uncle’s brother’s sister constructs
a crusty meatball sub.
My husky brother Henry puts
mayonnaise in the rub.
My mom is always screaming for
the country music’s end
and our pushy Mormon neighbors
are just around the bend.
My cat keeps shoving
fur balls down the venetian blinds
while we’re sitting by the fire
that smolders our behinds.
Scribbling this down on
a wet November day,
I think that you should know
this is my favorite holiday!

See Jane Run

Mother complains about slaving over the hot stove while Daughter, who did all the work, is seen, through the skylight, smoking on the rooftop. Stepfather lounges on the stiff, uncomfortable, and yet “oh-so-posh” couch in the living room, complaining about providing a roof over the […]

The Twins


My Baby Cousin as Wonder Bread

They carry him in like an average grocery, this flailing loaf in a white jumper with red/yellow/blue polka dots. Must be more than mere coincidence he eats only the marshmallow topping of the sweet-potato casserole. Heaven forbid he try something dark, but for him it’s […]