Washington College's Student Literary and Arts Journal

Issue: Friction (December 2014)

Scumbag Explosions

Your   mother  called  me  a scumbag when I woke,  and you loved her, so I left. I did not      mean     to    be    the reincarnate       of       absent fathers;  I  did  not  mean  to […]

Louder on the Inside

bishop louder on the inside
Pen and Ink


I. She is pretty like broken glass. Enchanting yet slicing, Her gaze seems oblivious to the Thousands of people bustling along the sidewalk, Parting around her like ants around an ice cube left Melting in the sun. Tension builds between you, tangible even through the […]



Just Sunset

With every promise slipping from my head, a disappointed flicker in your eye. Tomorrow’s May-time blossoms crumple dead. List other people’s wishes to be fed, impossible to quench and satisfy with every promise slipping from my head. It’s funny how you claim there’s time to […]


Asinine,                 through the distance I crave you            a pen run dry I- I desperately         try to write on write on                and […]



Until Night Comes

They knew that the cabin was too small for a family with children when they found it. Its door hung on loose hinges. Cracks spread into webs on the window frames. The fireplace was small and candles were expensive. Her family had raised plenty of […]