Washington College's Student Literary and Arts Journal

Issue: Spectrum (August 2014)

Autopsy of a Conversation

Our fingers used to whisper to each other ventricles of the same heart, but now when I look there are American flag tally marks running the length between my knuckles like creases from your bedsheets, keeping track of every time you didn’t hold my hand. […]


Emily Klein
Emily Klein

In the Quiet of the Crystal Palace

In the snow the dog ran. In what a day before had been fields and trees and the dried stalks of grass, the dog now ran through castle walls made by the stomping of boots, ascended tower stairs made by buried wood palettes, ears held […]

Gray + Brown = Red

i. My mother is so much early morning, a silver loop of breath, the air itself, her dark hair a cloud, eyes full of gray sea. Soft cotton and silver spices, her perfume trails sleekly like a vine, a dolphin’s wet back through water, appearing […]


Emily Klein
Emily Klein


Deirdre scuffed her feet along the floor, watched her mother sniff the laundromat washing machines until she found one that agreed with her nose. Deirdre shifted in the metal chair, clutched the sides, wiggled. The place was small, smelled of old steel and soap, the […]


Emily Klein
Emily Klein

Hook Up Culture

His aftermath                      a riptide inside her brewing in her                     veins about to burst                     currents coursing […]