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Editor’s Note

Dear WAC, Our final issue of the 2015-2016 year comes in the midst of a presidential campaign that becomes uglier by the minute. In choosing the theme “Realpolitik,” we asked for works that explore the difficulty of balancing idealism and reality, especially in a political context, and you delivered in spades. From an examination of [...]

A Practicality

I can be tender, too, said the wind as it lifted the dead bird’s eyelid. See— Look what I can do.


Now Let it Go

“Uncle Bennett is voting for the liberals,” Cousin Laurel whispers at Easter brunch. I pinch her hand under the table, the white plastic tarp excuse for a tablecloth brushing over my knuckles. “Gran said no politics on the holidays,” I tell her, unsticking my nails and smoothing my fingers over her hand apologetically, taking it [...]

Guns ’N Daisies

Unfit Conditions

There were many people in the lobby of the Bestland Hotel, but Uri was looking at the chandelier. It was as wide as a park fountain, but it spilled with crystal facets instead of water, making Uri—a slight man with a cheap haircut—feel vaguely dizzy under its shine. The hotel had been booked by a [...]

What They Left Behind

I’ve Been Watching You

Burning Polaroid

Simon waited on the hood of his car on the third floor of the parking garage of the mall that was two counties over from where his wife lay sleeping. It was almost midnight. Simon smoked a cigarette. His wife hated cigarettes. He only smoked them when he was out of the house. He would [...]

Self-Erasure from a Trauma Unit’s Waiting Room

a woman / crooked says / less aren’t / words / religious the side of her head                          / /                          the red exit sign

Look Up

A Scenic Painter Steps Outside

If you sit and stare at a wall, maybe hoping it will move, first you notice how many colors are contained in the red of the bricks in dry-brushed variations of burnt and raw sienna, raw and burnt umber, creating patterns that ripple and move changing in the high noon sun. The longer you stare [...]

On Total Representation in Ou-Topos City: From the Notebook of Beebee Ida Jones Discovered, Translated, & Annotated by Meaghan Menzel


Stop the Birds from Giving Up

They empty feathery nests, smoke cigarettes for breakfast, and grow black lung trees. If you asked them anything about their flight maladies, they might croak something like: my wings started folded up— my chest was a suitable drawer. or when they said ‘down’ I forgot I had feathers with the same name. or I built [...]

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