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Shadowy Fiend

By: Eric Siegel ’16 There I stood, motionless, face to face with the shadowy fiend within my subconscious. Its radiant bloodshot eyes burn a hole within the inner fragments of my soul with every passing day. It is no surprise that I have grown frail […]


Photograph by Kayla Kyle ’16


By: Olabisi Alabi ’16 She steps out of the station Squinting her eyes, rough lines on her forehead, eyebrows touching. The sun fixated her fascination On the top half of her face, clutching, Her legs were going back and forth. The cement is steady. Her […]

Two Poachers — Web Only!

By: John Quirolo ’15       The heat of the low rising sun spilled like blood over the African grassland, promising another blazing day. Two men, dressed in khaki pants and green cotton vests and carrying Ballard rifles, lunged through the tall, dry grass under the thin […]

Damn the Steelers — Web Only!

By: Jeremy Quintin ’14 Concept by Ernest Quintin       A man and his wife are taking a vacation. They’re traveling across the East Coast, from Florida to New York, visiting some of the most spectacular and richest resorts advertised to the public. The trip itself has […]

Morgantown, West Virginia Part II

Continued!       My mother drew me out of my memories as she went on with her story.       “He was away for a long time,” she said. “I guess the company store didn’t have it. Or maybe he didn’t want to go there. No one was supposed […]

Lingnan University – Web Only!

By: J. Preston Hildebrand ’12 The Hong Kong skyline from the other side of the harbor, at the top of The Peak. Temple in Shanghai we randomly found. We were very lost at the time. While in Shanghai, I had to find the “best” Shanghai-style […]