Washington College's Student Literary and Arts Journal


Burning Polaroid

Simon waited on the hood of his car on the third floor of the parking garage of the mall that was two counties over from where his wife lay sleeping. It was almost midnight. Simon smoked a cigarette. His wife hated cigarettes. He only smoked […]

Unfit Conditions

There were many people in the lobby of the Bestland Hotel, but Uri was looking at the chandelier. It was as wide as a park fountain, but it spilled with crystal facets instead of water, making Uri—a slight man with a cheap haircut—feel vaguely dizzy […]

Now Let it Go

“Uncle Bennett is voting for the liberals,” Cousin Laurel whispers at Easter brunch. I pinch her hand under the table, the white plastic tarp excuse for a tablecloth brushing over my knuckles. “Gran said no politics on the holidays,” I tell her, unsticking my nails […]


Frederick, Maryland 1893 Olivia sat in her bed and cradled her two-week-old son, stroking the soft slopes of his shoulders. The baby waved his right arm, almost smacking her chin and catching some loose strands of her unkempt curls. Olivia caught his wrist with a […]

Our Places at the Table

I walk into the dining room and notice that my chair is missing from its normal niche. My eyes are possessed by that empty space. I look away to check the other seats to discover if they too had been taken. Dad’s chair is accounted […]

Hanky Panky

It’s the night before my family’s biannual Big Gay Family Weekend, and I am admittedly looking for amusing anecdotes to share with the aunts and uncles and what have you. They only just started talking to me like a real person last year, and I […]

Twenty-first Century Wergild

I rubbed the constricting chill from my limbs as Simon checked us in at Vincent’s Italian Restaurant. It was warm and cramped inside, but I only rubbed my sleeves more vigorously. Noticing my irritation, Simon said, “I’m sure he won’t bring her.” I scowled at […]

See Jane Run

Mother complains about slaving over the hot stove while Daughter, who did all the work, is seen, through the skylight, smoking on the rooftop. Stepfather lounges on the stiff, uncomfortable, and yet “oh-so-posh” couch in the living room, complaining about providing a roof over the […]