Rachel Brown ‘16: Editor in Chief

Incorrigible shower singer and space cadet Rachel Brown can most likely be found in the cereal aisle of the local grocery store shouting “I’m always a nerd for sic-fi!” Rachel’s other hobbies include writing, speaking Spanish, being a photography dork, and trying really hard to sleep a healthy amount (without much notable success).

Lily Starr ‘17: Assistant Editor 

Whiteboard marker enthusiast and flannel connoisseur Lily Starr is a junior English major at Washington College. She loves the color green, not making eye contact while walking, and hates electric hand dryers.

Aliya Merhi ‘16: Layout Editor

Aliya Merhi is the Layout Editor of the Collegian. She was raised by hippies, is afraid of butterflies, and refused to learn to read until the age of 11 when she promptly began reading 130 books a year.

Reilly Cox ‘16: Poetry Editor  

“Most recently, I am a little book of monsters. Before that, I was a zombie. Sometime before that, a bear.”

Grace O’Connor ‘16: Prose Editor 

Jordan Fox ‘17: Copy Editor 

Allison Billmire ’17: Copy Editor

Allison Billmire is a sleepy creature who likes her soft, flannel pants very much. Recently she has caught the Travel Bug, so when she isn’t going from place to place with a takeaway coffee, she’s writing about it.

Emily Stecker ’17: Copy Editor

“My coffee, without me, is useless. Without my coffee, I am useless.”

Caitlyn Maltese ’17: Copy Editor

Jimmy Holt ’18: Staff Writer 

“Sometimes I don’t even put cereal in my milk.”

Olivia Libowitz ’18: Staff Writer 

Olivia is a small bird who enjoys thrift shopping, large earrings, and cult films. She thinks about aliens more than she’d care to let on.

Nick Anstett ’16: Staff Writer 

Meaghan Menzel ’16: Staff Writer 

Meaghan Menzel is a staff writer for the Collegian. She also answers to Meg, Meggy, Meg-Bert, Megasaurus, Mag-inator, Darth Meaghan, and Bubbles. Her ultimate goal is world domination with flying, ninja squirrels.